Blog Appearance

I am still pretty new to the whole blog world.  I want to change the appearance around a little but don’t know what to.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Is there something that you see that would help the flow better?  Ideas wanted!!


Here it is

I am currently putting a packet together for an indie film company, which I see working out. I also am having a friend, the talented director Brian Holton, looking into making a book trailer for Book I. Book II is so near completion I can taste it. Then I will finish up Alexander which is almost half written and a few others. I have a lot of books on the brain, but just need time to complete them. I have atleast ten more books mapped out and ready to be started.
I really want to get into comic books or graphic novels. My art work for my up coming books will be done by Sean Jersett a very talented artist. I also will be getting into a horror collaboration which will be very interesting to write. More to come..