I am a revising machine. All is going well and I hope to have at least 40 pages to my editor in the next day. I really wish I could snap my fingers and have everything done. That would be awesome. I am in deep thought on how I want my cover to look and have come up with many ideas.

My best friend Sean Jersett is doing the my cover once again, seeing how he is always on the same page with me. It’s going to feel good to work on another story that has nothing to do with this one so when I do come back to Book III ( which I already started writing in my head) it will be like a new jump start. If you enjoy this blog, well what I consider a blog go to, and like the page. All support I get is great and will help me with branching out for other projects.


Comic book/ Graphic Novel

I am in talks with a person about making one of my stories into a comic or graphic novel. They request that it be on the dark side which I have no problem with. I hope to get him some story line in the next few weeks. I feel really good about doing this project and love how I can branch out into different things to push my writing forward. More to come!

Book II almost complete!

I am so close to completing book II of The Darkstone Chronicles.  My editor is eagerly awaiting my email as I put her off each day.  I am really excited and hope people that read the first one enjoy the second.  As I said before, I will not take a break but jump right into my next project.  It will be a change from now since the third book is on hold for the near future.  Go to and like my page.  I would love to see more support.  More to come!