Self-publishing Vs Publishing Company

I don’t know if I want to find a publisher for the rest of my novels or just do self publishing. I mean, what do publishing companies offer that would
make me want to use them? I have really liked the fact that you can publish your novel on Kindle or Nook for free. You can’t be that. Publishers
do have editors and marketing experts at their disposal. Also, some places you can’t get access to without having an agent. I really wish one of
my friends could be my agent. You know, someone you can trust and know they are putting the success of your novel first. On the other hand if I go
at this alone, I only have to pay me. Well, my editor and illustrator too.

I have to think about this longer and weigh out the pros and cons of both situations. So for right now I will keep plugging away at the self-pusblishing
and hope a break will come sooner than later.