Digi Magazine update

I have finally decided on a name for my digital magazine, and that name is Genesis. I really like it so if anyone has heard of a magazine with this title please let me know.

Next I will make an internal outline of how I want it to look. Then on to the cover layout. Getting excited.


Poem, Second grade

This is a poem I wrote in second grade a very long time ago.  I was very proud of it when I wrote it.

The Pumpkins Bad Day:  by Jason Marcellus Hampton

One day a pumpkin went out to play,

and his friends said

lets get out of the way

because Jerry is angry today.

He’ll roll like a boulder

and roll over everyone

and they will say

do not get in the way

because Jerry is angry today.

He will bite and fight

and tell people to take

a hike and everyone will say

don not get in the way because

Jerry is angry today.

Digital Magazine Take Two

So I have been getting educated by my best friend (Sean Jersett) on Indesign and was given some pointers on how to get started.

Now I need to come up with a name and an outline for the interior. I have a lot of ideas for the interior, but there is no way I will be able to fit everything in there.

I hope to have something solid within the month. We will see how it goes. For now, let the brainstorming commence. More to come…