So I had a good idea for the cover of my digital magazine and started the lay out and I just wasn’t

feeling it.  So it’s back to the drawing board.  I don’t want to put out something that looks okay for

the first cover.  I want it to look sweet.  So this is a minor set back, but I will work on it more this week.

On a different topic, I am engaged with two artist to put some of my other stories to comic book form,

and graphic novel.  I am really excited about this process, because when I write my novels, I don’t get to work

with anyone right away.  So this is going to be a great experience for me.  I will post pics after they are finished,

and hopefully have some kind of cover to show everyone.  More to come…


Digital Magazine Cover

Started the cover for the magazine today. So far I’m keeping the name Genesis. Trying to get the name looking just right and deciding on a pic for the cover. Not sure what I want to use. Since it’s the first cover I want it to stand out.

Going to work on the editors page next and push out the rest of the interior. Starting to actually get things started and visualizing how I want it to look. Sorry if this post seems a little scatterer brain but my mind is all over the place. More to come!

Bad, Good, or just Whatever

My mind is flooded with the images of characters and stories I make up.  Everyday it goes on.

In my dreams, in the shower, even when I’m watching TV.  Of course I put all my ideas on paper,

or my iPhone, computer, etc….  My thing is, in my head these are good stories.  These are solid characters

going through their everyday lives trying to survive.   I actually enjoy reading my books, and I really enjoy

when someone reads my work and they get excited about it.


But can I really tell if what I think is true?  Do other writers go through the same roller coaster of emotions

that I do about their own work?  The writers that I have talk to say yes.  Well, not all of them, but most of them.

I’m not saying I’m the greatest writer in the world, but I can hold my own.  I actually get stressed about people around

me that give my encouragement and say they will help (big or in a small way) and then they disappear.  I use to think it

was because that maybe my stories really did suck and their interest in my work failed.  I’m not saying that they can’t change

their minds, but it’s still a punch to the gut.


People get busy in their lives and I found out a large number don’t read books, which kind of explains some of it.  I am not a

writer that has to be in the top ten best-sellers.  I don’t need movie deals and tons of money ( I want those things, but not need).

I do need support from people that I support and care about.  But to tell you the truth…  It can be bad, good, or just whatever.  I will

continue to put out books and try to branch out into other areas to push my idea of what the fantasy Universe in my head is all

about.  I enjoy writing and reading too much to stop.  But for now, I will work on my projects, try to connect to people more, and really

work on marketing and presentation.  So until next.


Digital Magazine Take 3

So I have finally figured out how I want my magazine’s interior to be.  Which is a big step because I’ll start with the cover next.

The inside will consist of:

The Editorial page ( done by yours truly)

A small article about the world of writing

An interview with someone, whether it be poets, novelists, cosplayers, computer graphics people, gamers etc….

A small picture gallery

A page for a featured writer or artists

(a section for people to put in ads for their work.  Small ads.)

And finally something that has to do with my universe of writing.

I want to give people another way to get their brand out there, an easier way to get to more people.

That’s my idea that I will make a reality very soon, and I’m really excited about the entire thing.  If anyone has any suggestions for

me, please feel free to respond back.


Alexander (Last name coming soon)

Here’s a small tease from the novel I am currently writing.  It’s about a family that was blessed by God and sent into the world to battle evil.  I currently having trouble picking a

last name for the main family.  Nothing I have picked so far has pleased me.  You may see a last name of the main character in this teaser, but it is not set in stone.  Enjoy.



Alexander entered his mother’s dimly lit room encased in a smell of lilac and vanilla.  Shadows dance around on the ceiling and walls occasionally touching down on the floor.  He sees his mother with her legs folded underneath her sitting in her favorite purple, velvet chair.  The chair being so big made his mother look as if she was a child almost engulfed by the upholstery.

She didn’t acknowledge Alexander’s presence and went about humming to herself, slowly cutting large locks of hair off.  Her mind began slipping many years ago.  The doctors couldn’t diagnose her illness and her symptoms persisted until one day she couldn’t hold on to reality any longer.  She doesn’t pose a threat to others, but sometimes she would babble on about various apocalypses, and has been known to speak in a wide variety of tongues.

She suddenly stopped cutting her hair and stared at the dark wall as if she was in a gaze.

“I know my son has come to visit with me.  I’m not blind.”  She pointed in the direction of the wall, but no one was there.  “Now, go away so I can talk to my child.”  His mother turned and stared at Alexander who showed no surprise by his mother’s actions.

“Who were you talking to mother?”  He calmly asked her.

“It was nobody important.  Someone that has been very bothersome to me lately.”  She smiled brightly.

“How are you feeling?”  Alexander walked over and sat down in the chair across from her.

“Nothing is wrong.  My friends tell me I’m all right.”  She began to get a distance look in her eye.

“What friends, mother?”  Alexander asked.

“That’s not what I want to talk about.  There’s something you should know.”  She started to become very excited as if the news would burst from her mouth.

“I have something to talk to you about also mother.”   Alexander crossed his legs putting his hands over one another resting them on his knee.

“You would like to know about The Coming?”  She gently brushed the strands of hair from her lap onto the floor.

“My friends tell me that they are already here.  They are coming for our family.”  She started humming to herself.  “Remember I used to hum this song to you every night before you went to bed?”  Alexander smiled at his mother.

“How do your friends know all these things mother?”

“My friends know all.  They are not of flesh and bone like you and I.  They go where they please and they know many important things.”  She stared down at her scissors as if she was lost in thought for a moment.

“What else has your friends spoken to you about mother?”  Alexander leaned over gently taking the scissors away from his distracted mother.

“They are also here to wipe out the family called Dresdian.”  Her eyes began to sparkle as if she became very interested in her own words.

“Dresdian.  Why would they want to kill off a demon family that lives amongst mortals posing as aristocrats?”

“I don’t know why.  It’s just what my friends have told me.  Are you dating again?  Have you gotten her out of your mind?”  She gave a sly smile and a small snicker.

“I did not come and visit you to talk about my social life.  Nor do I wish to speak of her.”  Alexander’s voice became very stern, but his mother could hear a little hurt lingering also.

“I don’t mean to upset you my sweet boy.  But what you seek is from the person you do not wish to see.  Now you must leave me.  I am very tired and I wish to rest.”  Alexander’s mother rose and gently kissed him on his forehead.  She stumbled over to her bed and laid down, letting out a long relaxed sigh.  “One more thing my sweet boy.  It might not be wise to talk to your grandfather about what you will do.  He won’t understand.”  She quickly fell asleep leaving Alexander to the silence of the room