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What is Writing To You?

Long ago when I was a boy I bought my first comic book, and seeing Conan on the cover killing his enemy started the thoughts of my best friend and I starting our own comic book.  First we had to make up characters.  Check.  Then developed our dark super hero group.  Check.  Next we made new character after new character until our number grew to around three hundred, which is pretty impressive (in our minds) for 4th graders.

Now the hard part started.  Well, the hard part for me.  I found out pretty early that although I was a decent artist, my best friend was and still is an excellent artist.  So of course putting my work up against his was a little discouraging.  He never compared his art to mine, but in the back of my head I thought the art aspect of our new adventured was to be left to him.  I went the writing route.  I put out scripted comic books and had my friend draw the scenes.  I found I actually enjoyed this more than drawing.

As the years passed, and the thought of doing just comic books faded, I decided to take my characters and put them in novel form.  I had this great idea and started taking notes and making outlines.  I finally started my first novel The Darkstone Chronicles:  The Power Within.  It felt great to finally accomplished something on that scale.  I took out story lines from the past and began to put down story lines for other novels.  I put out book II of The Darkstone Chronicles line.  I have all these stories lined up and I’m trying my hardest to get them out in the world.

Writing to me is showing the world that I live in, the universe I created in my head.  At the end of the day, I just love writing whether people read it or not.  It’s who I am, and who I will always be.

More to come…

GiNESiS Magazine Update

Magazine outline is done. I will start knocking these pages out this weekend.

I am still looking for art, photography, poetry, short stories, design pics.

Send what you have to!

Digital Magazine

Along with the many projects I am working on, I want to make a small digital magazine.  Mainly dealing with fantasy writing, with some poetry, maybe an interview or two.  I want to spot light someone every issue so that person or persons can have another means of getting their projects out there.  I have to consult with a few of my graphic design friends and see what will be needed to start up.  I’m pretty confident I can manage something like this on a small scale for now.  Is there anyone out there that has tried this? How hard do you think it would be?  I will definitely touch base on this again soon.  Maybe start designing a cover and find a sweet name to go along with it.  More to come…

Poetry, Stories etc….

I am thinking of starting a blog page for people that want to get their poetry out there, or even their short stories.  So if anyone is interested in this let me know