To all Writers

I love writing. I love the fact that I can make up characters and worlds and make up stories about them. I’m new to blogging, and I would like to reach out to other writers out there to come and have discussions about the art of writing. I’m very interested to hear your ideas and about how you got started, what books you read and how you are getting your projects out there. As always.. Happy Writing!

My favorite writer is Anne Rice. I love her description in every book. She is really good with painting a picture with her words. She’s the one that inspired me to write a book. She has really great advice on how to publish and deal with agents. What books are you reading? I love to try out new authors but don’t know where to start.


2 thoughts on “To all Writers

  1. Jason,
    I love fantasy, so I will start there. Terry Goodkind is great with The Sword of Truth series. Patrick Rothfuss is another I just started reading as well as George R. R. Martin with The Game of Thrones.

    I’ll add more as they come to mind!.

    Oh, and just to clarify… the blog you had signed up for is for THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA, my fantasy novels. I also have an Urban Sci-fi novel complete called BRILLIANT DISGUISE and that’s where my user name is linking to:


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