From the pages of The Darkstone Chronicles (The Power Within)


I looked up to see my younger sister looking down at me with hate filled eyes pointing a blood stained sword to my neck. The wind gently blew spreading the familiar smell of rotting, burning flesh the byproducts of the on going three-year war we reluctantly found ourselves in. The bodies of warriors from both sides lay scattered over the blood soaked ground, most of them motionless, some straining for their last breath, others calling out for help to anyone around that could stop their pain.

Zoë leaned down flashing me a sinister smile before pulling away and sheathing her sword. She turned her back me as she began to speak. Tears formed in my eyes as her words struck me harder than any weapon could. “So you see my darling sister. You cannot stop what is meant to be. Your armies will all fall soon, and there will be nothing left to stop the darkness. It will come for all our souls. You have dedicated years to stopping the Darkstone Armies, only to be disappointed again and again.” Zoë turned back around to face me. Her soft purple hair swaying in the gentle breeze.

I looked up at her with loving disgust. “It doesn’t have to be this way Zoë. We can fight this Darkness and win if we band together.”

She smiled at me lovingly “Silence my sweet dear sister. There is no more time for such pathetic dreams. You must face what is truly ahead. You tried to destroy the Darkstone with no success. Now it is my turn to capture and harness its power shaping reality into what ever I choose. I will be a God. I will do as I please, and create what I want. And of course I will destroy as my will sees fit.” Zoë’s eyes twinkled with victory even though victory was not yet hers. “It will be a hard road to capture such a power, a

power that can twist and fold reality to anyone’s will. My sister, I love you.” Zoë’s words came out cold to me and I had not the strength to fight back. Nor the will.

“As do I Zoë. Please come with me. Don’t let the darkness consume you. You can fight it. Please Zoë, we are all that is left from our royal bloodline.” Zoë kneeled beside me and began to weep. I reached up stroking her matted hair aside from her eyes. “We can do this my sister. We will win.” The tears streamed down both of our faces.

Without any warning the tears stopped and turned to a bursts of air escaping from the overpowering flow of blood filling my lungs. Zoë sunk her jewel incrusted dagger deeper into my chest making sure there was no mistake that I would not survive this attack.

My body began to convulse straining, fighting for another breath. Fighting with every bit of strength I had left to survive. Zoë removed her dagger standing quickly watching me as I fell onto my back. She watched as I struggled to keep away the darkness that had started to overpower me.

“My darling darling sister, it’s a pity that you won’t be able to share this with me. I do truly love you.” Her voice seemed to come at me from a distance. My eyes rested on her as she towered above me.

“My lady, the battle is won. Your sister’s forces have started their retreat. What is your order?” Zoë’s generals kneeled before her awaiting her next command. Smiling with blood lust in her eyes she gave her merciless orders.

“Hunt them down and tell them their beloved leader is dead. If they wish to live they will pledge their allegiance to me. If they refuse… cut their heads off and leave them on display for all to see that this is their fate if they don’t follow under my rule.”

“Yes my lady, but what shall we do about our wounded?” Zoë turned around gazing down into my eyes.

“I have no use for them. Kill them and torch their bodies. I want to smell the burning of their flesh as their souls go to hell. Leave my sister to rot, let the worms and the beast have her body.” Zoe’s generals obeyed her orders as she walked away to set in motion another part of her plan that would bring her closer to harnessing the power of the Darkstone.


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