Alexander (A glimpse unedited)


“Our light will shine eternally”


This is my next project. Enjoy!

In ancient times a clan of brave warriors were called upon to rid the world of evil in the name of God. Their brutal slayings brought fear amongst the dark creatures that walked the earth and among anyone that happened to cross their path.

Stories of the clan rang through every part of the world and penetrated the heavens themselves. But the five leaders of Solson, a secret organization that oversees the war between the light and dark armies, became very uncomfortable with how much control the clan was gaining with the major powers of the world. Their paranoia started a series of assassinations against the loyal clan, which started an internal war between the clan, their admirers and the Solson might.

The war went on for centuries, with loses on both sides. Then one day a truce was called and The Konstantine clan and the leaders of Solson came to a neutral place to discuss a treaty. A treaty was signed and The Konstantine clan, being eternal servants to the powers of light and the almighty God, sided back with Solson under the condition that the clan would be rewarded for their sacrifices. Little did they know they would get more then they hoped for. Over the centuries the clan became very rich and powerful and used the name Konstantine as their title, also adopting a family creed, “Our light will shine eternally”.


Now in this present day Konstantine, a well-established family with roots dating back to beginning of most civilizations, is run by the head of the family whom is simply known as Grandfather. The old but spunky white haired grandmother known as Nana took care of any social situation that would arise for the family. She is a well-respected woman in high society, and has had frequent visits by the most powerful men and women of the world for various matters. The ages of Grandfather and Nana are only known by the family, but it has been rumored that they have lived for centuries. It is also believed that the family members are no longer human thanks to the rewards that were given to them for their sacrifices. This is their story.


Grandfather stood in his study sipping on aged brandy looking up at a painting hanging over the fireplace. He looked down at fire roaring below, feeling the heat roll over his body. He took another sip and gave way to a crooked smile.

“Alexander. My lovely Alexander. What news do you have for me?” Grandfather continued to look down at fire dancing back and forth.

“Grandfather, news from Lourne and Chase…”

“No need for code names in this house. We are all family here.” Grandfather turned around and faced Alexander.

“But of course grandfather. I apologize. Xavier and Anastasia have returned from their mission. It was a success but there were a few problems they came across.” Alexander walked over and sat down to where Grandfather gestured.

“What kind of problems?” Grandfather sat down in the chair across from Alexander dangling a now empty brandy glass in his hand.

“The nest had the usual demons and night creatures, but there was something else there. Something that didn’t belong.” Alexander shifted his blue eyes to the fire then back to Grandfather.

“Calm yourself Alex. Tell me what you came to tell me.”

“They reported that when they arrived the demons were in a battle with something else. Something they have never seen.” Alex adjusted the platinum diamond on his left ring finger.

“They said it was very quick and attacked them as soon as they were spotted.”

“Xavier and Anastasia have never been spotted before on recon. They are trained in concealment. What went wrong?” The tone in Grandfathers voice rose as he spoke.

“Well grandfather, we have no idea why. But they did bring back its corpse for study. There is no doubt that we will have some results very soon after testing.”

“If that is all, I wish to be alone with my thoughts.” Grandfather looked back at roaring fire and closed his eyes to think.

Alexander walked into the well lit examining room where the remains of the creature was taken. The Konstantine examiners are known as The Five, but Alexander delightfully called them The Thorough Five. The Five are a group of scientist that defected from the dark hell region known as Dragon’s Peak. No one really knows why they defected but they have proven to be very valuable over the centuries.


“Alexander. Good to see you again.” The pale scientist ran his thumb down the blades of surgical saw and smiled. His name is Boris Kostanov. Well, only to the men of the world. His demon name was to hard for most to say.


“Greetings Boris. Do you have some information for me?” Alexander smiled at the demon that stood before him, most human looking with the official mad scientist white lab jacket, black gloves, and black boots. And to top everything off, Boris wore the retro black goggles big enough for Alexander to see his reflection in them without even trying to.

“Yes. Yes. I have some information for you.” Boris laid down the saw and leaned over the creatures head. “Come, Come. Look what I have discovered.” Boris inserted two fingers to spread apart a slit in the creatures throat. “Listen.”

Alexander leaned in close and listened.

“How is this possible?” Alexander asked.

“The evil that creature has spoken is an ancient evil. One that we might not be able to stop.” Alexander could hear a hint of fear in his voice. Looking around, he noticed that the rest of The Five staring at him. He looked down at his watch then back at Boris.

“Inform me of anymore information you come across. I must go.” Alexander brushed his black hair from his eyes and turned and walked out. Boris leaned in and inserted his fingers again to listen.

“We are coming. Hail to The Coming. We are coming.” The whisper faded.



Alexander kneeled by his grandmother Nana’s bed holding her boney, cold hand. She had been sick for quite some time with her condition getting neither worst or better. Doctors told the family that her sickness was no longer physical, but the problem laid deep within her mind. She had no desire to get better. She had no desire to get any worst. The only enjoyment that was brought to her nowadays is the frequent visits from her favorite grandchild.

“How are you doing today Grandmother?” Alexander gave the smile his grandmother loved.

“A lot better since you came to visit this old woman.” She cracked a smile.

“I wanted to see you before I left, and ask you a few questions. Do you feel up to it?” He gentlly stroked her hand.

“I always have time for my Alex.” Nana patted her bedspread and gestured for Alexander to sit next to her. “What would you like to ask me?” Nana lovely asked.

“A creature’s body was brought back from a mission for examination. I have never came across such a creature in my time as a warrior.” Alexander paused. “They called themselves The Coming. I think their just some tribe of demon trying to destroy the world like all the others.” Nana stared in silence and then cleared her throat.

“The Coming. I thought I would never hear that name again.”

“So you know who they are Grandmother?” Alexander asked.

“Yes. I know of them. They nearly killed your grandfather and wiped out our entire family.” Nana gestured for her servant who sat in the corner as still as a statue. “Bring some tea.” The servant bowed and left the room. “The Coming was an ancient group of demons with different tribes mixed in. They were ruled by a council of leaders from each tribe. They were merciless and killed any that opposed them. They assimilated all they came across to strengthen their numbers.” Nana stopped and gazed at the painting hanging over the mantle of her fireplace.

“Do you know where they came from?” Alexander smoothed a wrinkle out of his pant leg.

“We sent numerous spies to infiltrate their ranks. Some made it back. Others were killed or assimilated. The information we received didn’t help much. It was always the same intel about how they were an ancient evil and they were born from the hatred of the gods.”

“Hatred of the gods. Isn’t there only one?” Alexander asked.

“As I was told by mother, who was told by her mother who was told by her mother and on down the line, that there was numerous gods in ancient times. That is, until the war that shook the heavens. As sides were taken, destruction reigned throughout the universe. There were gods everywhere surrounded by their followers. You have came across a few in your battles.” Alexander was very surprised to hear this. He couldn’t recollect seeing any gods in the past.

“A high level demon named Lero, in his own madness, decided he should rule and all who oppose him should die. His followers grew in numbers and did Lero’s bidding as he saw fit. They became as vicious as their master, which made them nearly unstoppable. They called themselves The Coming.”

The servant returned carrying a silver tray with a porcelain teapot and cups on it.

“My lady.” The teacups clanked against the saucer as the servant handed Nana her tea. Alexander gestured to the servant not to serve him.

“Thank you my dear. I wish to continue talking to my grandson alone.” The servant bowed and quietly left the room closing the door behind her.


“Where was I, oh yes. As I was saying, Lero wanted to rule all and would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.” Nana stopped to catch her breath.

“How come I never heard about any of the this?” Alexander took Nana’s teacup and saucer and set it on the night stand next to her reading glasses.

“There really wasn’t a need to tell anyone. Lero was captured and banished by Noiro and the kingdoms of the Bright Blade. Our ancestors fought off The Coming preventing them from getting their lord back. Your grandfather and his warriors fought off the last of The Coming. It nearly killed him, but they were able to banished them.” Nana started wheezing and Alexander handed the oxygen mask to her.

“I will let you get your rest grandmother. I will come and see you when I return.” Alexander leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Becareful Alexander. If what you told me is true, then death will surely follow.”

Alexander walked out, slowly closing the door behind him.


Everything his grandmother said raced through his mind over and over. Lero, The Coming. He wanted to go talk to Grandfather but decided to go to the place where Xavier and Anastasia came across the demon.

“Looks like you have something on your mind.” A voice softly spoke through the dark hallway.

“My thoughts are none of your concern Sonja.” Alexander replied.

A beautiful, slender woman, smiling devilishly, glided toward Alexander out of the darkness. Her long black hair seemed to move with a life of its own. She grabbed Alexander holding him closing, pressing her pale skin against his and whispered in his ear.

“Now now Whiteblade. Is that anyway to speak to your darling sister?” She laughed loudly sending echoes throughout the hall.

“I don’t have time for this Sonja. What do you want from me now?” Sonja softly kissed his ear.

“I wish to go with you. I accidentally overheard you and Grandmother talking. So why go by yourself?” Sonja stroked Alexanders hair and smiled.

“Then you shall come.” Alexander replied.

“Where are we exactly going dear brother?” Sonja quietly asked.

“You already know. I felt you scanning my mind.” Sonja laughed uncontrollably.


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