Vampire Novel (A Rough Glimpse)

So I started writing this many years ago.  So it’s a little weird for me to put a part of it out there for everyone to read.  I plan on rewriting most of it, changing characters names, changing the location where the story takes place.  So, here’s the first draft that I will rewrite in the near future.


            As he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, Duncan looked over at his long time companion.  They had been the best of friends even before they went through the stages of human to vampire.

He had forgotten the time when he walked around as human taking in the wonders of life.  Absorbing every moment as if it was his last.  His pale skin, dark hair and sunken eye sockets now gave the impression of death.  A death that he embraced with such love it tormented his every thought.

Watching his child of darkness, his friend Daniel savagely feed the neck of a teenage girl, Duncan began to cry.  He loved Daniel so much, it pained him to think about how he brought him into his world of torment.

“What’s the matter with you Duncan?”  Daniels soft blue eyes gleamed with the moonlight.  His blond hair covered in fresh blood.

“Nothing.  I was just thinking about if you were better off a human.”  Duncan looked up at the star filled sky.

Daniel dropped his victim and smiled showing his fangs.  “Your such a jackass sometimes.  I was dying and you saved me.  I have no regrets.  I enjoy being a monster.”

Duncan looked at Daniel and smiled.  “That makes me feel better.”  The smell of fresh death swirled around the duo.

“Do you sense them.  There is three this time.”  Daniel showed slight alarm.

“I sensed them 15 mins ago.  Let’s move.”

With in seconds the two were three blocks away in one of many apartments they rented around the city.  Three bedrooms filled with clothes, paintings, and other collectibles.  The corner apart gave them a clear view to both sides of the street.

“You go into the master, I will wait for them their.  After I draw them in, we attack.”

Daniel nodded in agreement and quickly disappeared.  The doorknob to the front door slow turned, as the door creaked open.  Three men dressed in all black carrying assault rifles enter the living room.

“It took us a long time to track you down Duncan.”

Duncan laughed.  “That’s your problem, now isn’t it Trey?”

Trey pulled off his black sky mask and smiled.  “Mind if I smoke?”  He immediately lit a cigarette.   “Nice little place you have here.  Didn’t think monsters like you lived indoors.”

Duncan growled.  “You destroyed a many of houses chasing me Trey.”

Trey laughed and took another drag.  “So I did.  So I did.”  He threw down the cigarette putting it out on the carpet.  “Shall we begin?”


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