PS4 vs. XBOX One

Okay gamer nation. This post is about Sony’s PS4 versus Microsoft Xbox One. I want to know the pros and cons of each from real consumers.
Yeah, I could go to their websites and feel my brain with what they want you to read, but that’s not going to get me the truth on each system.

I’m not saying that everyone is completely truthful about the console they
bought but it’s better then a corporation’s opinion. So on that note I would love for everyone to let me know what console you bought and the Pros and Cons of them. Even if you don’t own one, I am still interested in what you think. Feel free to respond to this post and let’s get a conversation going.



One thought on “PS4 vs. XBOX One

  1. Hi Jason, Patrick (Jinnie’s cousin) here,

    I own both of them. I generally think that Sony has better exclusives. They also have slightly more powerful hardware and their games seem to be run natively at a higher resolution. It also is cheaper than the Xbox One. Right now they don’t have a ton of games out that make it a must have, but the library will grow and that won’t matter in the long term.

    Xbox One is neat as a multimedia device. It is nice having it hooked up to my cable box and having the ability to control TV and all of the console’s interfaces with voice commands. It also has slightly better games out at the moment, but you never really judge a game console based on it’s launch lineup because most systems have mediocre libraries at launch. Both console’s games at the moment are mostly cross-generational games that are just up-scaled ports of their versions on PS3 and 360.

    In the end, if you’re looking for a machine strictly for gaming then I’d go with the PS4 since it is more powerful and cheaper. If you don’t mind spending an extra $100 to have the extra multimedia features then Xbox One is not a bad choice either. If I was picking between the two I’d choose whichever one had exclusives I liked better.

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