The World of Cosplay (as I see it)

What is Cosplay? The definition of Cosplay is:
1. the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, esp. one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

I look at Cosplayers as artist. Some are very very talented artist. These artists put their time, blood and sweat into making their costumes to wear to events around the world. The techniques that they use to get details in their costumes is remarkable. Google cosplay galleries and you will agree with me.
I do have my favorites as everyone else does, but I love to discover new people and see how they put their talents into their work. I follow countless people on Facebook and I always look a at the Con galleries. I love to see all the different people dressed up as their favorite characters.

Some of my favorite Cosplayers are Yaya Han, Nicole Marie Jean, Vampy Bit Me, Spencer Doe, Living Ichigo, Katybear, Jessica Nigri, and many more. Go check them out. They are all really talented.

I’m still fairly new to this world but I’m glad it’s popular. I’m glad there are Comic Cons for them to showcase themselves. I love comics and books, and it’s cool there are geeks and nerds out there like me having fun. I really want to dive further into the World of Cosplay and hope to an article about it in a future issue of GiNESiS.

This post was just my random thoughts that I felt I should share with masses. What’s your opinion on Cosplay?



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