Season of Blood- Luke

Luke stared at the ceiling counting the small black holes. Today the couch seemed more comfortable then ususal. He took a few deep breaths and quietly sighed. Dr. Philips sat with her yellow notebook on crossed legs patiently waiting. After a few more minutes she decided to break the silence.

Luke, we talked about this at our last session. I can’t help you unless you talk to me.”

Luke crossed his legs and put his hands behind his head. “I had another dream this week doc. It seemed so real at the time.”

Dr. Philips pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with her index finger. “What was this dream about?” She asked as she scribbled a few notes before he began.

Luke started to speak. “I was having a drink by myself at some hole in the wall bar downtown. I just lit my first cigarette when some guy I didn’t know sat down on the stool next to me, and asked if he could buy my next beer.”

“How did that make you feel Luke? I know we have been working on your communication skills to people you don’t know.” Dr. Philips tapped her pen on the legal pad as she waited for Luke’s response.

Luke closed his eyes picturing the older mans unshaven face. “It was a night I wanted to be alone, but turning down free drinks wasn’t in the cards for me.”

“What do you think about these dreams always starting at a bar?” Dr Philips asked.

Luke opened his eyes staring back at the ceiling. “You know drinking keeps them quiet Doc. I guess it’s the same way in my dreams. As I was saying, I nooded and the bartender brought me another cold beer.

Luke chuckled to himself. “Another beer Doc? You know how I hate the taste of beer.”

Dr. Philips adjusted her glasses once again. “We’ve talked about this before Luke You don’t have to drink the beer to fit in and seem more normal. You should drink whatever you want to drink.”

Luke ignored what she said and continued with his story. “A couple of hours passed as this dude and I talked about everything from the news to stories about the blocks we grew up on.” Luke took a deep breath and started to cough. “Do you smell that Doc.”

Dr. Phillips silently shook her head. “I do not know what you’re referring to. We are getting close to the end of the session, please continue.”

“Ok, so we talked and talked like I said before. It started getting late and the bartenders last call shout echoed through the bar. Then all of a sudden I feel this hand on my thigh. I look up to see this mans crooked smile and beady dark eyes.”

“Let’s take this party back to my place. I got plenty of booze and weed.” The man could see the uncomfortable expression on Luke’s face and quickly withdrew his hand. “I promise to be a perfect gentlemen.”

Luke paused. “At that exact moment in any time that exists. I didn’t care about the weed or boozes. I didn’t care about this mans wrinkled hand on my leg. All I cared about was the fact that I knew I wanted to stab him in his face repeatedly.”

Luke realized he was shouting and cleared his throat as he regained his composure. “Okay Doc. Looks like our time is up yet again.”

Luke stood up and started to leave, but stopped next to Dr Philips. He placed a steady hand on her shoulder and peered down at her. The handle of silver letter opener was the only part that could be seen protruding from Dr Philips head. The blood that once so easily spilled from the deep gash in her neck was now sticky leaving the lingering smell of death in the air.

He made his way out into the reception area. His eye catching the strobing of the broken pc monitor covering Dr Philips assistants head. Luke made his way toward the front door. He made sure all the lights were turned off before stepping into Friday’s night air. He knew, with the holiday this weekend, no one would discover the beautiful scene he made until Monday morning.

He pulled a crumbled cigarette pack from his pants pocket and extracted his last stick. Lighting the cigarette, he inhaled then blew out a cloud as he walked down the street disappearing into the night.


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