Here it is

I am currently putting a packet together for an indie film company, which I see working out. I also am having a friend, the talented director Brian Holton, looking into making a book trailer for Book I. Book II is so near completion I can taste it. Then I will finish up Alexander which is almost half written and a few others. I have a lot of books on the brain, but just need time to complete them. I have atleast ten more books mapped out and ready to be started.
I really want to get into comic books or graphic novels. My art work for my up coming books will be done by Sean Jersett a very talented artist. I also will be getting into a horror collaboration which will be very interesting to write. More to come..

How it works for me

I started drawing and writing comic books with my best friend when I was just a kid. As I grew older I found that I love the part of writing stories more then drawing them. So when I start my books, I go back to my archives and grab my main characters and a plot to build on. It makes it a lot easier for me to get started that way. The main character for my first book was created back in 1987. Her name is Arainia and she was one of the first female characters I created. So I made her beautiful with a soft look to her, and made her as hardcore as the male characters I created. It’s important in my books to have strong female characters like that. It makes writing the story more exciting for me. Anyways, I actually started writing in my head before I even sit down in front of my computer. I tend to lay out the basics for a couple of chapters in my head and fill in the blanks later. I never read any of the books on how to write novels. I just adapted my way and it seems to work. I tried putting everything in outlines before I write, but it seems to take all the fun out of it for me. I want my writing experience to fun, not work. I have to feel the flow. I want the creation of the story to be in the back of my mind always. I am actually taking a small break from writing book II of The Darkstone Chronicles to blog. I find this blogging a good way to get my flow on. It helps a lot and I apologize if it seems like I rabble at times. Just the way my mind works.

Okay, so I started doing my two book writing thing again. My wife can’t believe I can do that, but they are totally two different stories with different characters so it’s actually pretty easy for me. They are almost neck and neck, so I figure if I write some here and there, they might just get done at the same time. That would be pretty awesome. When I start writing on a book I haven’t messed with for so long, I have to read the last two chapters to figure out what’s going on in the story. But as soon as I do that, I remember everything. It also helps that I make log of every character, planet, craft and war that I write about. I’m really excited about the two books, but almost feel compelled to start on the other three also. LOL. That’s not going to happen. I would have creative overload and go into some sort of writers block. Happened before.

My mind is in a constant state of writing. About time. My novels are appearing in my dreams which is awesome for me. I like that it plays out in my head like a movie. I’m trying to think of more ideas to promote my books, like making magnets or giving away prints of some of the art. I’m going to start posting art from The Darkstone Chronicles very soon. I really would like a larger following, and I am adding more people here and there. I believe having a blog has helped me some. I am going try and blog atleast once a day with quotes and parts from my books. As I said before, you can get my first novel at It’s called The Darkstone Chronicles.

When I write I like to listen to music. It helps me keep focus. I listen to Radiohead, Travis and Palo Alto. Really pushes me and gives me inspiration here and there. Another genre I use sometimes is Classical. That helps with getting into my characters heads. If my one of my books ever became a movie I would love to have their music in the soundtrack.