Digital Magazine Take 3

So I have finally figured out how I want my magazine’s interior to be.  Which is a big step because I’ll start with the cover next.

The inside will consist of:

The Editorial page ( done by yours truly)

A small article about the world of writing

An interview with someone, whether it be poets, novelists, cosplayers, computer graphics people, gamers etc….

A small picture gallery

A page for a featured writer or artists

(a section for people to put in ads for their work.  Small ads.)

And finally something that has to do with my universe of writing.

I want to give people another way to get their brand out there, an easier way to get to more people.

That’s my idea that I will make a reality very soon, and I’m really excited about the entire thing.  If anyone has any suggestions for

me, please feel free to respond back.




Why is it so hard to find a publisher? I understand that everything’s a business and they want novels that will make money. It seems you have to know people in the business to get into the business.

A little frustrating? Yes. A little annoying? You bet your sweet ass. There is so many good writers out there that don’t get chance. I went the self-publishing route and I am happy with my decision so far, but eventually I want a publisher seeing how they can get to markets I can’t.

I will keep putting out the books even if I never find a publisher to do it for me. And I hope all the independent writers out there doing the same keep at it. Do what you love, in my case it’s writing.