Still Writing Away

I really hope to have my manuscript done by the end of summer. I am really enjoying writing something different than The Darkstone Chronicles. I really needed a break from characters.

Besides my main book, Alexander, I am working on another called Temptress. It’s about a group of government female bounty hunters (takes place in the near future). Pretty excited to dive into that story.

How many of you are working on your own manuscripts? What’s your ideas for getting published?
More To Come…




Why is it so hard to find a publisher? I understand that everything’s a business and they want novels that will make money. It seems you have to know people in the business to get into the business.

A little frustrating? Yes. A little annoying? You bet your sweet ass. There is so many good writers out there that don’t get chance. I went the self-publishing route and I am happy with my decision so far, but eventually I want a publisher seeing how they can get to markets I can’t.

I will keep putting out the books even if I never find a publisher to do it for me. And I hope all the independent writers out there doing the same keep at it. Do what you love, in my case it’s writing.